Something Blue: The All-Purpose Wedding Suit

by Equateur

You needn't be familiar with the old adage to know that something both new and blue can come in terribly handy when it comes to summer weddings. The classic navy suit—or even a lighter blue suit—will easily adapt to matrimonial celebrations of every kind. Examples? Gladly.

The Backyard Wedding

Sunny and casual, you can be a little more relaxed with your blue suit at this shindig. A colorful bowtie will add some playful panache to your ensemble, and brogues sans socks are perfectly ok. Just be mindful of the mustard, and steer clear of those sprinklers.

The Beachfront Wedding

Floral patterns go well with the whole seaside theme, so exercise some flower power. A nautical pocket square and a braided belt aren't bad touches, either. Barefoot? If everyone else is, then it's probably ok. It's the beach, not a 7-11.

The Fancy Garden Wedding

They rented out the whole damn botanical garden, so the least you can do is look sharp as a tack. A vest over a solid white shirt will elevate your suit, and black leather dress shoes with a cuff are pure class. A knowledge of healing wild herbs might not hurt, either.

The Vegas Shotgun Wedding

The novelty desert-theme necktie and unbuttoned collar are optional, but the boxed wine stains and slurred, stumbling regret are a must. Just try not to get anything on that blue suit that the cleaners can't get out—next summer is just around the corner, and with it, a whole new crop of weddings to attend.

Illustrations by Michael Hoeweler